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By May 26, 2023September 1st, 2023No Comments

Don’t let extreme weather damage utility solar production or revenue.

Whether it’s wildfires, hurricanes, or hail, natural disasters devastate solar power infrastructure. Particularly for asset owners of utility PV, extreme weather can cause significant downtime, repair costs, and revenue loss. Hail losses in Texas alone last year caused about $300 million in solar damage, nearly ten times the estimated losses from Hurricane Hanna in 2020.

This whitepaper presents a roadmap to natural disaster plant restoration. Owners and operators of utility-scale solar plants will gain actionable strategies to mitigate production and revenue losses from natural disasters.

Download this guide for real-world case study examples and a step-by-step process that:

  • Balances production with restoration
  • Mitigates component risks
  • Manages insurance claims
  • Blends original and new solar technologies
  • Optimizes plant performance post-recovery

DEPCOM Power has restored hundreds of megawatts of damaged plants. With expertise in damage assessment, salvage, insurance claim management, and rapid restoration, DEPCOM’s combined EPC/O&M and expertise helps limit the revenue impact of natural disasters.

Don’t let a natural disaster impact revenue; download the whitepaper below!