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Customer Testimonials

From the industry’s leading utility-scale solar companies

Far and away, the best group we have worked with.

Incredibly responsive team with a GET THINGS DONE attitude.

DEPCOM has supported us in a very difficult project, a project that would eat most contractors. The ability they have to react is amazing, it normally takes weeks for most contractors to make a change.

I have been in the surety business for over 30 years and cannot remember a partnership this unique from the transparency, to the relationship and how DEPCOM treats us as friends and trusted advisors.

You have built a first class operation – we are both proud and privileged to partner with you and look forward to what’s ahead.

DEPCOM sites always look clean and professional.

DEPCOM has done a nice job running the project. We recognize and appreciate their leadership style.

Exceptionally deep technical expertise, highly competent in Utility Scale Solar.

The transparency DEPCOM provides is exemplary.  We appreciate their business, partnership, and friendship and look forward to continuing to grow with DEPCOM.

Incredible work on Operations and Metrics.