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Engineering, Procurement & Construction


DEPCOM Power has all Engineering disciplines in­-house (Permitting, Civil, Structural, Electrical, High Voltage) to provide efficient, reliable, and bankable solutions to our customers. Our Engineers work closely with our in­-house Construction disciplines to provide constructible solutions to meet local conditions and compressed schedules

In-­House Design Capabilities:

  • PV Plant Layout
  • Energy Modeling and Analysis
  • Structural Design for Foundations
  • AC and DC Arc Flash Calculations
  • Load Flow & Reactive Power Studies
  • Module String Calculation
  • PV Source Circuit Calculations
  • PV Output Ampacity Calculations
  • DC Voltage Drop
  • DC and AC Cable Ampacity Using Neher­McGrath
  • Inverter Sizing
  • Inverter Step Up Transformer Sizing
  • Medium Voltage Collection System Design
  • Substation Main Power Transformer Sizing
  • Substation Layout Design
  • Transmission Line (Generation Tie Line) Routing
  • Constructability Reviews


DEPCOM Power has all Procurement disciplines in-house and extensive relations with the industry’s leading Balance of System suppliers; ensuring access to materials from a variety of sources at mutually agreeable commercial terms and minimal supply risk. Our Procurement Team works closely with our in-house Engineering disciplines to provide competitively priced product to comply with the project design solution.

In-House Procurement Capabilities:

Total Cost of Ownership: We evaluate total cost of ownership when making sourcing decisions, always evaluating the initial capital cost and long-term operating costs to ensure the right decision is made for the project.

Cross-Functional Sourcing Teams: We take a cross-functional approach, to ensure alignment with all disciplines, for technical compliance.

Quality: We only source from Tier I suppliers that pass our pre-qualifications and our in-factory inspections during manufacturing.


DEPCOM Power has all Construction disciplines in-house and we own the latest generation of construction equipment. Our Construction staff works closely with our in-house Project Management and Engineering disciplines to ensure complete and unfettered compliance with all project permits and technical requirements. As a self-perform constructor, DEPCOM Power brings an execution strategy for each project that minimizes risk and maximizes safety, quality, and schedule control.

In-House Construction Capabilities:

Safety: Our first Construction goal for every project is to be accident free.

Quality: Each step in construction has a quality checklist that is completed daily to ensure highest quality and minimize end of project punch lists.

Schedule: We structure our construction schedules with buffer in order to ensure project schedule compliance without relying on change orders.