DEPCOM’s advanced, in-house Energy Storage program is uniquely positioned to provide:

  • Energy storage expertise including engineering and design, software and O&M services
  • Energy modeling; defining use case selection, system lifetime modeling, financial modeling
  • Broad partnerships with leading lithium ion, flywheel and flow battery technologies, offering customized solutions

Our EPC Service Offerings

Engineering & Design

Comprehensive Design Services
AC/DC Coupled Solutions
PV to ESS Optimization
Performance Modeling
Use Case Selection
System Sizing
Round-trip Efficiency Calculation
System Lifetime Modeling
Financial Modeling
Charge/Discharge Curves
Energy Availability


Range of Li-Ion, Flow Battery, Flywheel
Battery Temperature Control System
Battery Management System
Energy Management System
Power Conversion System
Medium Voltage Transformers


System Controls
Server Licensing
Microsoft SQL Server
Mobile Interface Software
Virtualization Software
SCADA Integration
Ancillary System Software

O&M Services

Scheduled Maintenance
System Augmentation