As your trusted energy storage partner, DEPCOM brings more than 4 GWs of utility solar and 650 MWh of energy storage experience. Our industry-leading track record boasts compliance with all schedule and energy performance targets. We offer turnkey energy storage solutions backed by Koch Engineered Solutions.

We Deliver Competitive and Bankable Energy Storage Solutions


  • Development Support: Advanced sizing and revenue modeling to maximize investor returns
  • Engineering: Optimized design of stand-alone storage and PV+BESS
  • Procurement: Top-tier storage systems, global procurement, logistics, and next-gen storage technologies
  • Construction: Efficient civil and electrical installation, and commissioning of storage systems
  • O&M: LTSAs include availability, round-trip efficiency, and capacity guarantees
  • Energy Management: Energy platform for monitoring, analytics and controls to ensure performance, safety and security

We Optimize For Reliability & Lowest Total Cost of Ownership


Our NERC/FERC-compliant Network Operations Center, testing, commissioning,
and 99.4% fleet availability average ensure your systems run at peak performance.


Leveraging a decade of solar procurement, our teams validate top-tier energy storage equipment and providers across our vast network of technology-agnostic suppliers.


Our in-house civil, structural, and electrical engineering teams deploy our proprietary system optimization to prevent costly energy storage overbuilds.

End-To-End Energy Storage Solutions

Our in-house engineering, procurement, construction, and management capabilities across the value chain.

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