Engineering, Procurement & Construction


DEPCOM Power has all Engineering disciplines in­-house (Permitting, Civil, Structural, Electrical, High Voltage) to provide efficient, reliable, and bankable solutions to our customers. Our Engineers work closely with our in­-house Construction disciplines to provide constructible solutions to meet local conditions and compressed schedules

In-­House Design Capabilities:

  • PV Plant Layout
  • Energy Modeling and Analysis
  • Structural Design for Foundations
  • AC and DC Arc Flash Calculations
  • Load Flow & Reactive Power Studies
  • Module String Calculation
  • PV Source Circuit Calculations
  • PV Output Ampacity Calculations
  • DC Voltage Drop
  • DC and AC Cable Ampacity Using Neher­McGrath
  • Inverter Sizing
  • Inverter Step Up Transformer Sizing
  • Medium Voltage Collection System Design
  • Substation Main Power Transformer Sizing
  • Substation Layout Design
  • Transmission Line (Generation Tie Line) Routing
  • Constructability Reviews


DEPCOM Power has all Procurement disciplines in-house and extensive relations with the industry’s leading Balance of System suppliers; ensuring access to materials from a variety of sources at mutually agreeable commercial terms and minimal supply risk. Our Procurement Team works closely with our in-house Engineering disciplines to provide competitively priced, American-made when available, products to comply with the project design solution.

In-House Procurement Capabilities:

Total Cost of Ownership: We evaluate total cost of ownership when making sourcing decisions, always evaluating the initial capital cost and long-term operating costs to ensure the right decision is made for the project.

Cross-Functional Sourcing Teams: We take a cross-functional approach, to ensure alignment with all disciplines, for technical compliance.

Quality: We only source from Tier I suppliers that pass our pre-qualifications and our in-factory inspections during manufacturing.


DEPCOM Power has all Construction disciplines in-house and we own the latest generation of construction equipment. Our Construction staff works closely with our in-house Project Management and Engineering disciplines to ensure complete and unfettered compliance with all project permits and technical requirements. DEPCOM Power brings an execution strategy for each project that minimizes risk and maximizes safety, quality, and schedule control.

In-House Construction Capabilities:

Safety: Our first Construction goal for every project is to be accident free.

Quality: Each step in construction has a quality checklist that is completed daily to ensure highest quality and minimize end of project punch lists.

Schedule: We structure our construction schedules with buffer in order to ensure project schedule compliance without relying on change orders.