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Power Team

DEPCOM Power’s founding team of members came together in 2014, bringing 225 years of conventional and renewable power industry experience, to build a best in class company solely based on powering America’s energy independence/renewable transformation, centered on team and­ customer satisfaction.

Core Values

To be the best energy solutions provider in the industry, by delivering a diversified platform of best-in-class technical and service solutions focused on creating superior value and improving lives for our customers, employees, shareholders and communities. 

Our goal is to become our customers’
Preferred Partner

Be the One Source Energy Solution Provider

Deliver Superior Value through optimized technical and service solutions

Conduct business daily based on our Guiding Principles, essential
to the creation of virtuous cycles of mutual benefit

Social Stewardship

We don’t just bring renewable energy to communities, we empower them. Stewardship is as important to our corporate culture and reputation as the quality work we provide.

Safety is our Culture

DEPCOM Power is committed to being the industry leader in Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) practices, to ensure a safe and enjoyable workplace.


We Believe all Incidents are

We are Unwavering in COMPLIANCE with all Laws & Regulations

We are Champions of CULTURE in Every Level of the Company

We are LIFELONG LEARNERS, Leveraging Data & Project Lessons to Continuously Improve